RESCHKEs rigorose Reime

           INTOXICATED   © 2010

life can be so easy, sweet and bright and nice and cool

once I take over the reins for you

we'll just make use of somebody who does not mind a hollow deal

there's so much that easy money can do

just look into my eyes 

and you will see the land of milk and honey

easy livin' under endless sunny skies

without me the world is so unfunny

I am your potion

let me be the one who makes you first in line

I’ve been your best friend

for such a long time, such a long time - oh!

intoxicated -

such a wonderful feeling, buy low, sell high

success! - you've made it

and the devil may care, devil may care

now sit back in your armchair, don't think much and see the truth

the world is nothing but a five-and-ten

make a snatch, have a laugh and don't mind how it came about

let's donate some peanuts ev'ry now and then

just look into my eyes...

I am your potion...