RESCHKEs rigorose Reime


let's produce more'n more useless cars instead of fostering sensible education

the bigger a management failure is, the better will be his compensation

all the glamorous spokesmen making this world so illuminated

imaginatively created, dictated

and this is why I start singin':

dab doo daberooberab bahroorah - I should have known much better

adab doo daberooberab bahroorah - we could have known much better

when you start to think, you think free 

and don't believe a thing you hear 

and only half of what you see - on TV

a world of second-class citizens is oppressed in order to keep us in still conformation

banking gambling men get rich by loss, while the people die of sheer starvation

and the glamorous spokesmen keep appearing and clearing just like the seasons

deceivin', not in reason, but crowd-pleasin'

and this is why I keep singin':

dab doo ...